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Who should take a LongevitAge test?

People of all ages may have something useful to learn from finding their LongevitAge. But those who are likely to get the most benefit will be individuals approaching retirement or recently retired. These are people making key financial decisions now that will have major impact on their retirement years.

How to use LongevitAge?

Clients and their advisors and asset managers can use this knowledge to take a fresh and more informed look at financial plans and projections.

In particular, LongevitAge may be a critical factor in deciding: 

  • Risk tolerance over the short and long term
  • Appropriate investment horizons for asset allocation strategy
  • Use of equity, bonds or other asset classes over that time horizon
  • The timing of when to start taking a vested pension or Social Security
  • How best to balance annuity needs with desired investment flexibility
  • Whether longevity insurance is a possible solution

*The virtual age calculator was developed by Peter Russell

How to use LongevitAge®

LongevitAge information can be used to improve important financial decisions, especially in the field of retirement planning. But is a LongevitAge test reliable enough to provide guidance for those serious decisions? Like many calculation tools, the more and better information that goes in, the more precise the answers that result. A LongevitAge test seeks to cover key issues in a user-friendly way, and there are more detailed questionnaires that can delve more deeply into the factors impacting longevity.  However none of these tests can provide precision in establishing accurate life expectancy for any individual. We believe that a LongevitAge test is most useful as a directional indicator. It should enable a reasonable answer to the question “Given your actual age and health and lifestyle factors, should you expect the average life expectancy for your age and gender, or a life expectancy modestly or significantly more (or less) than that number?”  We believe a reasoned and reasonable answer to that question may provide the user with valuable and reliable information.

What is LongevitAge®?

Because of their specific health and lifestyle factors, any individual’s life expectancy is likely to be different from the average for their age and gender. LongevitAge is their actual age adjusted for that life expectancy difference.

Why is LongevitAge important to retirement planning?

Investment horizons, annuity rates and life insurance premiums all take into account average life expectancies. Knowing an individual’s LongevitAge provides information on their personalized life expectancy that can lead to better financial decisions.

Take a LongevitAge test

Many tests are available on the web under the generic terms “real age” or “virtual age”. We prefer the one designed by Peter Russell* which estimates virtual age and personal life expectancy as well. (Not available for smart phones and tablet devices.)