Longevity Challenge rules

The Challenge is open only to residents of the United States. Valid entries must be from a team of one Financial Advisor and one of his/her clients. The client must be an individual, but that client relationship can be as an individual investor, or as a representative of a corporate or institutional entity that is a client of the Financial Advisor.

In each calendar quarter, the entry that claims the largest reduction in years from actual age to LongevitAge for the two team members in combination will be reviewed as the winning candidate. To claim the prize, the two team members will need to sign a written document that the inputs to their LongevitAge test were truthful to the best of their knowledge and judgment, and that their actual ages are as claimed. They will also each need to supply a recent photograph and permission to post this picture and their actual age and LongevitAge on this website. If the winning candidate team is unable to comply then the team with the next highest total will be evaluated.Any individual who is a member of a winning team in the Longevity Challenge will be ineligible to win in the subsequent four quarterly events.

*The virtual age calculator was developed by Peter Russell whose site may be accessed by pasting www.peterrussell.com/Odds/VirtualAge.php into a separate browser window